May 28, 2017

Dry Ice Blasting

NH Dry Ice Blasting PelletsDry Ice Blasting is a revolutionary method of cleaning surfaces without damage or mess. Similar to sandblasting, it involves spraying out dry ice particles about the size of a grain of rice at a high velocity. The dry ice pellets come out of the gun at -109°F, immediately killing the mold on contact. When the super-cold pellets hit the warm air, they explode, loosening debris and pulling the mold up roots and all.  And, because the mold spores are killed on contact, there are no airborne hazard concerns. Dry ice blasting is also a very effective method of mold removal because of its ability to get in small crevices and cracks and loosen the mold from its food source.

After dry ice blasting, surfaces previously infested with mold are 99.9% mold-free! It is a much better method than using a biocide alone, because it removes the actual mold source. Compared with other cleaning methods, Dry Ice Blasting is the only mold removal system that is non-toxic, non-abrasive, safe for working around electrical wires, and leaves behind no secondary waste. It’s fast too- completing a mold removal job in one third the time!Dry Ice Crystals

Here at New England Remediation Services, we are one of only a few New Hampshire companies to own this specialized mold removal equipment.

Dry ice blasting is also very effective in removing smoke odors from fire damage. Because it removes the charred wood itself, very little follow-up is needed for odor control.

Aside from disaster cleanup and mold removal, our tough-yet-gentle dry ice blasting tool can clean:

  • Grease from food prep areas
  • Ink from printing presses
  • Graffiti
  • Patinas from historical pieces
  • Rust from antique auto body parts
  • Auto undercoating from vehicles undergoing restoration

… all without pitting or damage!