May 28, 2017

Basement Mold

How To Kill Basement Mold

Here at New England Remediation Services (NERS) we understand how distressing it can be to realize that the basement of your home has become a breeding ground for mold. That is why we do everything we can to remove the mold and the areas where it is growing and spreading, and then kill the source of the mold spores before rebuilding any damaged areas.

When we are tackling a mold issue in the basement, the first thing we will do is remove all affected items from the area. This typically includes all personal items, especially cardboard boxes and newspaper where mold spreads rapidly. In a finished basement, sometimes it is necessary to remove carpeting, wood and sheetrock in order to expose the mold.

This brings us to our next area of expertise—mold remediation. This involves killing off the source of mold spores. Rather than use a Band-Aid approach to mold removal like encapsulating the visible mold, we do everything we can to remove virtually all of the mold from the affected area and make sure it does not grow back. One piece of equipment that we use to do this is called the Dry Ice Blaster. This machine has been found to kill off 99.9% of mold spores on contact by freezing them. NERS is proud to be one of the few mold removal companies in the New Hampshire that owns and utilizes this effective equipment.

The final step to killing off basement mold involves restoration. After going into a basement and taking out often significant amounts of sheetrock and wood, we want to bring the area back to its original look—minus the mold of course—as much as possible. Our talented team can reconstruct the finished basement with sheetrock and trim and even paint the space to bring it back to its original condition.

To maintain a dry and mold-free living space in a finished basement NERS recommends a method called the Humidex system to dry out the affected area. Although some other companies use dehumidifiers to do this portion of the mold treatment, we have found that using the Humidex results in a much more dry and healthy basement, and for far less money in energy costs.

Specifically, the Humidex works by taking in the moist indoor air and getting it safely out of the house. This virtually silent system runs 24 hours a day, consistently replacing moist basement air with dry, warmer air that is taken from the upper levels of the home.  By increasing ventilation within the home, it helps to reduce the overall humidity and lower the amount of moisture down in the basement – effectively creating an environment in which mold will not grow back.