May 28, 2017

Mold Restoration Services

Mold Restoration Services

Mold restoration servicesWe see mold restoration as a complete process involving testing, removal, and restoration, although these are actually three distinct disciplines. Other mold abatement companies in New Hampshire may offer only one or two of these necessary steps. Make sure you understand the details of competitive quotes for solving your mold problem. There are mold inspection services who specialize in identifying indoor air quality problems that are very thorough and exact in the testing process. There are mold remediation companies who do not test, but only remove mold. There are NH mold restoration companies who come in after the mold has been removed to complete the repair work.

At New England Remediation Services, we are licensed and certified to test and remove mold from residential and commercial buildings. We also have a background of nearly 20 years in the construction trades. When you hire us to remedy your mold problem, especially the more involved ones, you can be assured of a fast efficient project from start to finish.

What is involved in restoration? Mold requires two things to survive: water and an organic food source. When a leak happens in a building, or a ventilation problem prevents moisture from escaping the way it is designed to, it sets up the perfect condition for mold. When building materials such as wood, drywall, or carpet fibers become saturated, mold colonies form and begin to digest these materials. This can happen over long period of time, sometimes years before someone notices. Much structural damage has already been done in addition to this posing a serious health risk.

Because of our familiarity with buildings construction and home structures, we are able to quickly find and identify the source of water intrusion. With our knowledge of mold, we are going to take extra precautions in removing the infected drywall or plywood or carpet to ensure that further contamination does not happen throughout the house. After treating the mold infestation, we will quickly and professionally repair and replace the drywall, carpet, wood and paint to restore your home to its original condition.