May 28, 2017

Humidity Control Systems

Moisture ProblemsHumidity Control Systems For Basements

The secret to removing mold in basements permanently is to eliminate the humid and moist conditions that mold thrives in. At New England Remediation Services, we don’t want to just kill mold in your home, we want to keep it from growing back. We install the best humidity control systems for basements throughout New Hampshire and all of New England. A dry basement is a mold-free basement, and that is our ultimate goal.

A favorite breeding ground for mold is the basement of your home. This is because of a condition existing in every home called the “stack effect.” Hot air rises, and as it does it creates a vacuum below that draws outdoor air in through the basement or crawl space. Although New Hampshire is not a “tropical” environment, humidity levels can be high throughout most of the year. This humid outdoor air becomes trapped in a cool basement creating condensation on the concrete walls and wood flooring and joists. Mold spores that start in the basement will eventually circulate through the house because of this stack effect.Musty Odors

Our basement humidity control system draws the cool, damp air from the floor level of the basement and expels it to the outside. Intake vents draw down drier, warmer air from the main living areas of the home creating a constant humidity level that is much lower than a basement without our humidity control system. It runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, maintaining that ideal moisture level. Our system is quiet too, and uses only pennies per day in electricity – unlike dehumidifiers that use a lot of electricity and need to be emptied regularly.

If you have a musty smell in your basement, suspect you have a mold problem, or if it’s just damp and uncomfortable – give us a call for a free home evaluation. We will analyze the stack effect in your home and make recommendations on how to ventilate it better. If you think you might have mold we can test for that too. We will look for water intrusion factors that may be contributing to that musty mold smell.